There’s not going to be anything deep or meaningful in this post.  I just want to talk about TV for a bit. 

1. So You Think You Can Dance: I love this show, but I’m really disappointed in the outcome of this week’s voting.  I guess I realized that Gev would probably have to leave, although I think he’s adorable and I hate to see him go.  I’m afraid Mark will be next, although he is a much better dancer than Twitch.  Twitch’s personality is what keeps him in the running – that and his great solos.  But what I was really sorry about was the elimination of Kherrington.  Comfort had already been voted off and was only there because of a fluke.  She did not deserve to stay.  Her waltz was clumpy, but she was lucky (? was it luck, or was it fixed?) enough to have the chance to dance in her own style, hip hop, with Twitch.  Granted, the routine was great.  But overall she just doesn’t have the skills that Kherrington has.  Kherrington was unlucky (again, luck or design?) enough to draw a new kind of dance, that was, in my opinion, poorly choreographed and boring.  I don’t think it was fair, and I suspect that the producers arranged things to happen this way. 

2. USA Network:  Hooray!  Some of my favorite shows have returned, and I’m so glad.  Monk and Psych started last night, and Burn Notice started a week ago.  These shows are outstanding – funny and original.  To be completely honest, I think Monk’s writing is weak in terms of plot, but the characters redeem the stories.  There are always loads of holes in the crime plot portions of the stories, with unbelievable coincidences and unlikely revelations.  The same is true for Psych, but I don’t watch the show for its detective plots.  Again, it’s the characters that draw me in, and their interrelationships.  It’s obvious that these people really enjoy working together, and I would probably be glad to watch them clean their houses or mow their lawns, as long as they were interacting with each other!  But Burn Notice is in a class above these others, in my opinion.  The writing is smart and hip, and the storylines keep me guessing.  I especially like the main character’s (Michael) voice-overs, where he explains what spies know and how he’s going to outwit the forces he faces.  The acting is strong, and the relationships are believable and complex.  Best of all, the lead actor, Jeffrey Donovan, is extremely easy to look at!  🙂

3. America’s Got Talent: Really?  You couldn’t tell it by watching this show!  Still, I watch every week, to see the most ridiculous, taudry, assinine excuses for entertainment I’ve ever seen.  What makes this show watchable is the trainwreck that is David Hasselhoff.  It’s like looking at a violent accident – I want to turn away, but I just can’t.

4. In Plain Sight: This is another show on USA Network that is just plain great.  The acting and character development are matched with compelling new stories of witnesses needing protection each week.  I can’t wait for each new episode.

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