Recently my daughter and I embarked on a road trip from Dallas to Indiana and Chicago.  Some people have heard some of the stories, but I thought I would re-inaugurate my blog (I haven’t posted in ages) by relating some of the stories from that adventure.

The reason for the trip was that Erin (my daughter) would once again be participating in the MasterWorks Festival in Winona Lake, Indiana.  MasterWorks is a workshop and festival for advanced music students who want to grow as musicians and as Christians.  This is Erin’s fourth time to participate, and this year (as last) she is serving as an intern stage manager.  She will also sing on several occasions and study voice while there.  She wanted to have her car with her this time, so the plan was for me to ride up there with her, have some fun, and then I would take the Amtrak back home to Texas.  We planned to visit St. Louis one day and visit the Gateway Arch and ride on a riverboat down the Mississippi River.  The next day we planned to spend sightseeing in Chicago.  The whole trip was going to last 5 days for me.  Erin will be there 5 weeks this summer, come home for a month or so, and then return to work as a full-time intern for the next year.

It was a good plan.  I was excited about it.  I made hotel and train reservations, got maps from AAA, reserved seats for us on the riverboat, and printed off information and maps for all the places we were going to visit.  According to Google maps, we’d have a long, 10-hour drive from Dallas to St. Louis on the first day, but a much shorter 5-hour drive from St. Louis to Chicago on the second day.  The third day would be spent sight-seeing in Chicago and Winona Lake, and the fourth and fifth days would be devoted to my train trip back home.

Good ol’ Robert Burns wrote: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.”  We usually modernize the verse by saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”  Whether you like the old Scots version or the more modern English paraphrase, the saying is based in truth, as my experiences have often proved.  Of all the plans that were made, the only one that came to fruition was the train trip, and it was quite different from what I had expected.  To find out what happened, read the following posts!

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