When learning how the various arts can interrelate, my FINE 1306 students have the opportunity to experience the concept of “interpretation,” in which an existing work of art inspires another artist to create something new.  Last Saturday, students chose a painting and then wrote a haiku inspired by their choice.

Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles — Vincent van Gogh, 1888

van gogh - bedroom

“Favorite Place,” by Suzan Issam

The bedroom is calm,

What a peaceful place to be!

Nights filled with sweet dreams.

Wild Poppies (Les Coquelicots) — Claude Monet, 1873

monet - poppies

“Wild Poppy Field,” by Morgan Eichler

Walking through the field;

Orange flowers scattered throughout,

Umbrellas in hand.

Sunflowers — Vincent van Gogh, 1888

van gogh - sunflowers

“Sunflowers,” by Jadee Hankins

Yellow, green, and brown,

Fragrant flowers in the pot;

Smells I once forgot.

Napoleon Leading His Troops over the Bridge at Arcole — Horace Vernet, 1826

vernet - Napoleon

“The March,” by Sam Ellis

“Onward!” Captain yelled

As the drums played on… tap-tap;

We marched on… tap-tap.

The Bear Dance — William Holbrook Beard, c. mid-1860s

beard - bear dance

“Bear Party,” by Emily Bannister

Community fun!

Chaos, disorder, and noise—

Harmless enjoyment.

Midsummer Eve — Edward Robert Hughes, 1908

hughes - midsummer

“Far Away Land,” by Amanda Bannister

Little wings, bright lights

In a land never journeyed.

Fairies welcome her.

Niagara Falls — William Morris Hunt, 1878

hunt - niagara

“The Falls,” by Abby Middleton

Cascades flowing down.

Sounds of thunder all around;

Hear the mighty roar!

Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X — Francis Bacon, 1953

bacon - pope

“A Pope’s Duty,” by Lori McDermett

The pain, I cry out:

Innocents’ confessions burn.

Oh Lord, hear me weep!

– – – – –

The burdens they bring—

I am the pain, suffering,

Waiting. Please save me!

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