It’s been almost a year since the last time I posted poetry created by my students, and a lot has changed for me. But I taught a Spring Break mini-hybrid class in March and three of my students completed the assignment to write a haiku of one or two verses, inspired by a painting of their choice. Here are the results of this activity.

The Last Judgement, by John Martin (1853)

The Last Judgement 1853 by John Martin 1789-1854

“King of Kings, Lord of All” by Carylann Hendrix

Jesus is His name

Finally here – Judgement Day

He rules, reigns always.


The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich (1818)


“The Wanderer” by Dago Barbosa

Alone to wander —

To see the land down yonder

To find, and lose, life


Suspense, by Sir Edwin Landseer (1834)


“The Most Loyal Companion of All” by Kaylee Rae Edmonds

Dog sits, exhausted.

Expecting to travel soon

As his man’s best friend.

Though he wants his rest,

His is loyal to his man —

He never leaves him.

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