Tonight’s entry will be short, but I hope it will be interesting to music lovers. My son Ryan introduced me to the group Snarky Puppy a few years ago, and I’ve enjoyed their unique music ever since. They are perfect for this week’s music entry, because they fit my Dallas theme somewhat. The founding members were music students at UNT in Denton, where they studied jazz. They later combined their talents with some musicians from Dallas, and formed the basis of the group that exists today. This is a really large group for a jazz band, with as many as twenty-five members.

Snarky Puppy

snarky puppy

As I said above, their sound is really unique, and doesn’t really fit into any one category. It’s jazz plus rock plus R&B plus gospel plus world music plus… You just have to listen to it to see what I mean.

To that end, here are links to some of my favorite cuts from their album We Like It Here:

They also have a new album out, called Immigrance. I intend to put this on my playlist in “heavy rotation” (as DJs would say) because I think it’s outstanding. Here’s a link to their home page, where you can listen to the album and learn more about the band:

Snarky Puppy have won three Grammy awards, and I expect that count will only go higher in the future. Although they’re based out of New York now, I’m proud that they originated in Dallas and from my alma mater, UNT. I hope my readers will enjoy listening to them!

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