Once again, I have asked my students to choose a painting and write a haiku inspired by that choice. Here are their submissions.


Frederic Edwin Church, Rainy Season in the Tropics, 1866

Beauty, by Nathan Blackley

Scene so elegant.

Even in the crashing storm,

Still filled with beauty.


William Merritt Chase, A City Park, 1887

Park, by Tori Christina

People all around.

Sitting on this bench alone;

Who are these people?


Charles Condor, Rickett’s Point, Beaumaris, 1890

Ocean, by Bailey Hebert

Wishing this would last.

The joy, the calming water –

Endless summer fun.


Eugene Boudin, Figures on a Beach, n.d.

Beach, by Breanne Jackson

See wide open space;

Horizon in line of sight.

The people close by.


Theodor Fuchs, Mountain Landscape, 1888

Mountains, by Bailey Labat

Towered scenery

Longing to be stretched higher;

Longing to be seen.


Martin Johnson Heade, Brazilian Hummingbirds II, 1864

Resting, by Colton Monroe

A fleeting moment:

Brazilian rainforest birds

Just resting their wings.


Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait as a Painter, 1886

Vincent, by Rena Reilly

Van Gogh was not vain.

When he was short of money,

He painted himself.


Antonello da Messin, Christ Crucified, 1475

Hanging, by Savannah Roulette

Darkness of death here –

Tears overwhelm the kingdom,

Awaiting three days.


Gustave Courbet, View of Lac Léman, 1874

Clouds, by Deborah Silva

Storms fill the sad sky.

Pink begins to come out slow;

The sky is happy.

11Winslow Homer, West Point, Prout’s Neck, 1900

Winslow Homer, West Point, Prout’s Neck, 1900

Waves, by Brooks Wagner

Water crashing down –

No creature dares to get close.

Beautiful nature.


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