Debbi RichardDebbi Daniel-Richard recently retired as Professor of Library Science at Dallas Baptist University. She continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, teaching FINE 1306, Introduction to Fine Arts.

Her interested include music, literature, history, culture, the arts, and lots of less serious topics.  This blog holds her reflections, updates, stories, and musings.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Morning Debbi,
    Well you know me I cried reading your Words. I wonder all the time about death, and dealing with death. What is best? (in our blurred vision of the big picture) Sudden or suffering a long time. I know my grandmother suffered in a nursing home for years, and we were so ready for her to go to heaven and live!!! I know same with your dad. Dad was LIVING!…I thought Dad had a good 10 years!!!…little did I know. Suffering or Sudden you miss them the same I think. It is such a loss. I think our Moms have handled it differently. Your Mom had taken care of your Dad for years, Dad had taken care of Mom for years. I guess through all situations you deal with it through God’s grace.

    Love you and have a good day….dd

  2. Deb, so glad I can call you sis, even tho we’re not related, but consider you as a good friend. Reading your blogs brought back some good memories of my own. My father passed away 3 yrs ago, and we knew it was coming, but I had just got back from Iraq, when my sister called. He’s up there too looking down on me. Thanks for being a blessing in my life Deb.

  3. Debbie:

    I read your post, you didn’t report on the results of the nuke test.
    I feel you pain about the caffeine. I went 5 days in Africa and when I got that first coke it was the best thing ever. However, I didnt feel the effect of no caffeine after the first day. Anyway caffeine is a pretty generic addiction!!!.
    Have a good week!!!
    Ron Roland

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